santa monica

Review: Raw Planet (Santa Monica)

There were a few Vegan restaurants in the Santa Monica area, but since I felt like having raw, Raw Planet won my vote! It’s a really small little place, and like Karyn’s Raw, it was pricier than the average Vegan restaurant (You might be saying, aren’t all raw places? But surprisingly, no). Great menu and location, but again, like Karyn’s Raw, they use honey as their sweetener, so I couldn’t get the crepe I wanted. I subbed it with the Seawitch (light japanese seeweed) soup, which was rather salty, but very interesting as it was served cold (which not all raw soups need to be). The main course more than made up for it! They didn’t have the lasagna ready that I wanted, but the waitress recommended the Cheezy Kelp Pasta dish, which was excellent! Filling and amazing.

All in all, this isn’t up there with my favorite vegan places I’ve been to, but not bad. As a raw now, I would go back here strictly because it was raw, but if you’re in the Santa Monica are, I suggest BUDDHAFUL which is an EPIC Thai Place just off the water in Santa Monica. I’ve enjoyed their vegan menu a couple times. They also have a complete gluten-free menu which is awesome.