raw lunch and dinner

Raw Recipe: Creamy Mustard “Pasta”

I haven’t used my spiralizer in a while, and when I saw we had zucchini in the fridge, I couldn’t help myself.

Sauce –
1 tbsp Tahini
1 tbsp Mustard
1/2 Tbsp Agave
1 tbsp Almond Milk (either raw or original store bought)

Remaining –
1/2 tomato
1/2 cucumber
1-2 cup lettuce/ mixed greens
1 zucchini

Method: Using a spiralizer or mandolin, make your “pasta” out of the zucchini. Then chop the cucumber and tomato, and toss these ingredients with your sauce mix. Put the lettuce/ mixed greens on the plate and top with zucchini pasta. Enjoy!

Raw Recipe: Simple Flax Crackers w/ Sweet Kreme Spread

This is more of a “experiment as you will” recipe. I personally added a lot of mustard and some agave to mine to make them “agave mustard” crackers. But maybe add some extra garlic and dill w/ some nooch, or even some cinnamon and raisins for a sweet breakfast cracker! They all work great w/ the sweet cashew cream.

Flax Crackers –
Pulp from Juicer (I used the pulp from 1 large apple, 2 cups of kale, 5 celery stalks, 1 cucumber, and 3 cups of carrots.)
2 cups Flax (I used whole but feel free to use ground. It’ll just make a different texture)
2 cups water
onion powder
garlic powder
tumeric (optional)

Method: All that’s really important here is the water, flax, and pulp. The rest is up to you to play around with it!! I can’t wait to make some sweet dessert ones. This makes 4 dehydrator trays, so this recipe will definitely last a while! .. Except in my house where my mom is now hooked. Anyway, dehydrate for 1 hour at 140, then turn down to 110. After 3 hours, flip the crackers on the screens and peel off the dehydrator paper. Then continue dehydrating until desired crunchiness! (I did mine for about 6 hours)

Sweet Cashew Kreme:
1/2 cup raw cashews
1 banana
1/2 tbsp Almond butter
2 dates (soaked)
2 tbsp water

(for a savory dip, add in nooch and garlic. For dessert, add cinnamon!)

Method: Blend all in food processor. Enjoy on flax crackers, or my personal favorite, as an apple dip!

The cucumbers for me just completed the plate so well. My new favorite snack!
Enjoy 🙂

Raw Recipe: Tomato w/ Red Pepper Hummus Wraps

For the wrap:
2 tomatoes
tsp agave
(cayenne pepper for a bit of a kick and a GREAT saltiness later on)

For the Hummus:
1 med zucchini
3/4 T raw tahini
1 red bell pepper
1 green onion
a bit of raw mustard
a bit of red onion

For the Filling:
I used lettuce, orange/red bell pepper, cucumber, red onion. I left out the avocado, but play around with what you like!

In a blender, mix the wrap ingredients. Pour on dehydrator sheet and dehydrate for one hour at 140, and remaining 8 hours at 110.
For the hummus, just throw all the ingredients in the food processor.
Slice up the filling ingredients.
Roll your wrap and there you go! Delish, and so easy. I can’t wait to make a spinach one next!

Also, a little tip, make sure you put your hummus on top of a layer of some kind of green. That will prevent the wrap from getting soggy.


Raw Recipe: Eggplant-Bacon Summer Salad

As summer is winding down, I’ve been stuffing myself with fruit. So, thus the lack of remotely complicated recipes. So I came up with this! Mmmm… it was delicious. An Eggplant Summer Salad, which although has a bunch of instructions, was actually generally simple.

Bottom layer: Organic Mixed Greens
First Layer: Cut Cucumbers
Second Layer: Chopped orange bell pepper, and chopped red onion, soaked in lemon juice
Sauce: Cauliflower Tomato Sauce (cauliflower mixture below, tomatoes, agave, org. rice vinegar, water
(cauliflower dipped in mustard, tamari, miso, nooch, and tumeric)
Topping 1: Kale chips (kale, and cauliflower dip mixture)
Topping 2: Eggplant Bacon (eggplant, tamari)

In the morning, I dipped the eggplant in tamari, and laid out the slices on a dehydrator sheet. On a mesh sheet, I dipped the cauliflower and kale in the “cauliflower mixture”. I dehydrated both sheets at 110 for about 10 hours.
To make the Cauliflower Tomato Sauce, I put the dehydrated cauliflower, and remaining ingredients in the food processor, along with some dill weed.
Layer the salad levels, crumb the kale, and you’re set!! Enjoy!

Oh, summer.

Raw Recipe: Stuffed Peppers

I had a few red bell peppers kicking around, so I thought I’d make a filling to create a raw stuffed pepper recipe.


Ingredients (serves 2):
3 bell peppers
9 med. white/brown mushrooms
3 sun dried tomatoes (with some oil from the container)
2 tbsp italian seasoning
1 1/2 tbsp nutrional yeast
1/2 a lemon worth of juice
(I also added in a bit of zucchini, but it was minimal, so it’s optional)
salt and pepper
Chop one pepper and mushrooms, and throw in the food processor with the remaining ingredients (except 2 left bell peppers) until creamy
Chop off the tops of the other 2 peppers, and scoop out the seeds if any remain.
Fill the peppers with the creamed mixture.

Top with sunflower seeds and serve!

These would also turn out great if they were popped in the dehydrator for a few hours. Just an idea!

Raw Recipe: Apple Raisin Salad

When made with Quinoa, this is my ultimate favorite salad. Although, since I’m not sprouting my own any time soon, I decided to use my grain substitute (Cauliflower) instead of Quinoa, and I rather enjoyed it!

1 large Fuji (or of your choice) Apple
1/3 cup Raisins
2 tbsp sunflower seeds and nuts
1/2 large head of cauliflower
2 tbsp raw agave nectar
pinch of sea salt

-Chop cauliflower then throw into the food processor, until it looks grain like (resembles couscous)
-Chop apple, and add to cauliflower.
-Add remaining ingredients and it’s finished!

Raw Recipe: Stir “Fry”

was playing around with this idea for a while, and this is what I finally came up with! It was so fulfilling and delicious, I no longer even miss the warm version.

Raw “Stir-fry”
Ingredients (serves 2.. and then some):
1/2 a large head of Cauliflower
8 brown mushrooms (medium sized)
1 red bell pepper
2 celery stalks
2 large carrots
Tamari Sauce


Slice up the mushrooms and marinate in about 3 tbsp of tamari sauce, for about a half hour.
Cut up the cauliflower into medium chunks, and throw in the food processor. Now, mine was so massive that it took 2 takes with the food processor. Grind, then bowl. Already you’ll see this looks like a grain.
Cut up the pepper, celery, carrots (and what ever else you’d like in the “stir-fry”), and add them to the mushrooms, and mix them in the tamari sauce as you go.
Then add the mushroom- veggie mix in with the cauliflower.
Mix and voila!

Raw Recipe: Spicy Onion Bread

Here is my first attempt at raw vegan bread. I have a ways to go, but I thought I’d post this recipe anyway.

Ingredients (general):
1 small zucchini
1 red pepper
1/4 red onion
2 green onions
stone ground mustard
cayenne pepper
1/2 cup soaked ground flax seeds
1 tbsp raw Pumpkin Seed Butter
Blend all ingredients in the food processor.
Dehydrate at 110 for 12 hours (or until desired texture/ firmness is reached)

Enjoy with your favorite sandwich fillings! I did apple, mustard, cucumber, and onion w/spinach. I wish I had some tahini so I could’ve added some red pepper hummus!

Raw Recipe: Seaweed Salad

Again, just a little guess & test depending on your taste buds.


Nori sheets
Raw agave nectar
Garlic (powdered, or fresh)
Ginger (powdered, or fresh)
Tamari sauce
Sesame seeds (optional)
Miso paste (optional)Method:
Rip up the nori into small squares, and soak in a bit of warm water with the wakame strips for about 15- 20 min. This makes them moist.
Then add in about a tbsp of tamari sauce, and a tsp of agave nectar. I added some powdered garlic and ginger (about 1/2 tsp each… because I had the powdered kind kicking around and fresh in neither D: )
Mix around and bowl. Then add the sesame seeds on top. I added the miso for something extra… and I love miso.
So simple, so yummy!  Enjoy!

Raw Recipe: Cashew Iceberg Salad

Iceberg Lettuce
Pea Shoots/ Sprouts
Sesame Seeds- Dressing:
1/2 cup soaked cashews
1 1/2 tbsp nutritional yeast
1 tsp water

1 tsbp olive oil
1/2 lemon (juice)Tamari Sauce

Make dressing prior. I usually make a batch of this stuff because you can add different flavours  to it (aka, in this case, tamari sauce) and use it for zucchini noodle sauce or dip.
Mix Iceberg lettuce and pea sprouts together. Top with dressing, sesame seeds, and tamari sauce.
Toss, and voila!