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Review: The Vegan Joint (LA)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos for this review, but I thought that I might as well do a quick write-up about it (although to be honest, I’d like to start off saying that his place is nothing to write home about).

I met up at the Vegan Joint with some friends in the morning, so I decided that getting a vegan breakfast was the thing for me. After looking at their large menu for quite some time, I settled on the Tofu scrambled-egz and pancakes: pancakes, tofu scramble egz topped with soy bacon bits & cheese. It was ok… not the most amazing vegan dish I had eaten in LA.
My friend’s kids were picky eaters, and ordered simple dishes like the quesadilla, and plain pancakes. And since again, they were picky, I ended up eating what they both ordered (that’s the way I roll ;D So kind of me to offer right? ). The quesadilla was extremely plain, and the cheeze was just barely melted. The pancakes weren’t anything overly awesome, but added to my breakfast.
However, although the food was mediocre, I also ordered the Thai Iced Tea.. and that was AWESOME. I could of had a few more of those.

All and all, nothing to rave about. I wish I had ordered something more intense though. The rest of their menu looks pretty good.. and I could go for a wonton soup.
It also delivers! I don’t find that many purely vegan restaurants do that.

All in all, maybe a 2/5? Generous.

Review: Truly Vegan (LA)

My friend and I were out and about in an area of LA neither of us were too familiar with, looking for some vegan grub, so we searched “vegan” on google maps to see what was pretty close. Low and behold, Truly Vegan came up. From the outside it’s small, and has a very plain sign, BUT what a menu! It’s a great little place, with amazingly reasonable prices, and their plates are HUGE! My friend ordered a great flat pan-fried noodle dish, and I ordered a scrumptious mushroom burger (which I couldn’t believe was only 6 dollars). To share, we ordered the fried tofu, large brown rice plate (only $2…), veggie dumplings (which were AMAZING. Especially the sauce, which made them sweet. Doughy and delicious, HIGHLY recommend them), and we also got the spring rolls. For dessert, we got the fried banana, which was a lot different from what I was expecting. It was banana and shredded coconut in what looked like a spring roll, served with Maple Syrup. Great way to end the meal.


Review: The Veggie Grill

One of my native LA friends told me about this immediately after he heard I was vegan, saying how much I just have to try it. He was most certainly right. Pushing toward a vegan fast food chain, the Veggie Grill is a revolution I hope spreads across America (Canada would be nice too). Luckily it’s already grown up to Seattle, with it’s amazing wide spread menu, with everything from salads to burgers – all exciting healthier twists to fast-food favorites.

I’ve had several items on the menu, as I’ve been to a few locations down in LA, and from experience, I can say there’s nothing quite like the Veggie Grill. The first time I actually ever had mock fried chicken was here, and what a perfect way to jump into the fake meat alternatives. The Chick’n Burger from VG is incredible, and with a side of Mac&Cheese, I was practically in heaven. Now that I’ve had a thousand other Mac&Cheeses, the one at VG isn’t quite as good as I had originally thought, but still good for the average person trying one out for it’s dairy-free nature.
I went for a slightly healthier option when I went back, getting the huge Portabello Wrap, with a side of steamed Kale. Once again, both delicious, and great for the price. Sure, 8.50 for a wrap is more than your 1.50 burger from McDonald’s…. but I really don’t think I need to say which one is the better choice.

Check out their many locations and great menu on their site:

Review: KindKreme

When I first went to KindKreme almost a year ago, yes of course I thought it was delicious, because it is. But now as a raw chef I can truly appreciate how amazing KindKreme is. The creamy texture and vast spread of intense flavors, not to mention all the choices of items that I wasn’t able to try is extremely impressive. The below review was a year ago (April/ May) when I was last in LA, and I had the pleasure of going to KK:

“.. we got recommended a vegan ice-cream place called “KindKreme”. All organic, raw, and vegan (except the ones labeled “honey”). I couldn’t believe the choices. I ended up (after forever deliberating) getting the banana chocolate, and the “vanilla softserve” which was almond and coconut milk with fine ground cashews. I HIGHLY recommend this place. It definitely rivaled the ice cream at Lula’s. ”


Review: Flore Vegan

Oh Flore, how I miss you so. Not to mention being bombarded by amazing tweets of your always changing gorgeous menu.

I have unfortunately only been there once, although will definitely be making a trip back next time I go to LA. The below review was from April 2011:

“After a busy morning we stopped into Flore Deli and Restaurant for a bite to eat. What a menu. I was with my non-vegan but very much loving the vegan food friend, so I let her pick what we’d share. Got the delish BBQ Bacon Slider for an appetizer, and split the grilled veggie pizza for the main course. The pizza takes a bit of time to make, so I’m glad we picked an appi to eat while we were waiting. I also ordered a side of the scrumptious tofu “egg” salad. I love ordering dishes I’ve missed since turning vegan, and liking them MORE this way. And this was certainly the case! They also have an incredible dessert menu. My friend got the lemon poppy cupcake, and I made the extremely wise decision to order the lemon berry cake (with strawberry buttercream icing) and holy cow. My friend and I agreed that that was the greatest piece of cake we had EVER had. The restaurant was packed, considering it’s pretty small, and I’m certainly glad we went.”


Review: Vegan Glory (LA)

Tucked away in the Beverly area of LA, Vegan Glory is what I describe as the “Restaurant with the perfect name”. It’s food really is Vegan Glory.
During the course of being in LA several times over the course of almost a year, this would have had to have been the food I was most looking forward too.

Their online menu was massive, but it seemed much more overwhelming in person.  So many incredible choices, it was hard to choose what to order. But the lunch combination won, as it included soup, salad, brown rice, and I ordered the Pad Thai plate, which was delish, with tofu. Free refills on the chilled green tea hit the spot on the hot California day! For dessert (even when I’m full, I have to get dessert. I can’t help myself!) I got the sweet Roti w/ Banana, with choice of blueberry filling. MMmmm…

I went back with my friend twice after the first time, and we ordered so much food I couldn’t even keep track. A 5/5 every time.

Review: Bawarchi Indian Restaurant (LA)

Went to an amazing Indian restaurant with a couple friends who recommended it, called Barwarchi, in Culver City. Greatly priced, and so vegan-friendly!! The Avocado Cheesecake was a perfect must, and I loved the veggie samosas so much, I even got 2 orders. I recommend the jack-fruit dish – it tastes like and has the texture of chicken, yet it’s a fruit. The atmosphere isn’t the cleanest of other restaurants, so I only rate it a 3/5 on the front, but this is a great place for vegan Indian Food. Not to mention the variety is fantastic. A 3/5 in general, but still not a bad place regardless.