Who’s behind Raw Spectacle?

I (Stephanie Falcos, the mind behind Raw Spectacle) had been a vegetarian for years, only toying with the idea that one day I would make the transition to veganism. I was always a tad skeptical to be honest, as it seemed difficult, strict, and complicated to eliminate every animal bi-product out of my diet. Some people think the difference between vegetarian and vegan is only dairy and eggs, but in fact, it’s so much – sugar, monoglycerides, l-cysteine, and well, I won’t list them all (I have an app for that). But making this transition had not only proven my standpoint wrong on difficulty, but has tested my moral values, and the way I look at food and everything we put into our bodies.

In the summer of 2011 I decided to try raw by putting myself on a challenge. Needless to say I fell so in love with the culinary art that I gave up on the challenge and just lived a raw summer. I went back to cooked food in the winter, as I love warm food when it’s cold out, but there is always a love in my heart for raw food.

In February 2012, I received my Raw Vegan Chef certification where I learned more than ever about the raw culinary world. Although I will never turn down a delicious cooked meal, I love living a high raw diet at home filled with an abundance of smoothies and juice.

I have been lucky enough to take my vegan food passion around the states and to the UK to try many glorious (and maybe some no so) restaurants to review for my blog, so enjoy skimming through my experiences and my many raw recipes I post.

When I’m not traveling, I’m a graphic designer, I love to run here in my home town of Vancouver, exercise, and draw. My hope one day is to become a professional personal raw vegan chef for those who wish to spread the love and joy of vegan raw food.

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  2. Congrats receiving your Raw Vegan Chef certification! I’m so happy for you! And plus, a graphic designer that I did not know, but nice to see someone with a similar career! x

  3. I’m on my way to become vegan to! Lastly I went on my first raw food degustation which I really enjoyed and every day I’m closer to be a real vegan;) currently I don’t see myself as a raw eater but I’m really impressed that you switched into this way of eating. It’s really great that every day there is more vegan.

  4. Congrats on your certification!

    We are getting ready to launch an animal-friendly community marketplace, forAnima.com. If you would like to share any of your recipes or blog posts please let us know.



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