Raw Recipe: Cheezy Kale Chips

Finally a more complex Kale Chip recipe! I brought these to work and even the Hamburger pickers were grabbing for more.

2 bunches of Kale

2 1/4 c cashews (soaked)
1.5 – 2 Red Bell Peppers
1 c Nutritional Yeast
3/4 c Water
1.5 tsp Himalayan Salt
1 lemon (juiced)

Soak the cashews for 3 or so hours. Drain the water and add into food processor. Chop 1.5-2 Red Peppers (depending on how sweet you want them), and add with cashews in food processor. Add remaining ingredients (other than Kale, and remember just to juice the lemon, making sure no seeds fall in), and blend into slurry. Shred Kale into medium pieces and coat with cashew/nooch slurry.
Dehydrate at 110 degrees for around 10 hours, and voila!


I think I’m going to make raw vegan Alfredo Kale Chips next… Stay tuned!

Raw Recipe: Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

I got a fantastic deal at work: 20pounds of organic buckwheat groats for 20 bucks. But, what does one do with 20 pounds of buckwheat? Well, we play around.
This could also work as a raw doughnut I suppose if you added more dates and maybe added a cashew glaze, but generally, because of the majority of buckwheat, it makes a lovely moist raw bread instead. (I have a banana spread I made up on mine in the picture).

Ingredients (makes 13-15 bagels):

3 c buckwheat groats (grind to flour)
2 1/2 c cashews (grind to flour)
1 1/2 c water
1 1/4 c raisins
3/4 c dates (soak. pulse w/ 1 c extra water)
1/3 c cinnamon
1 tbsp him. sea salt

First, soak your dates in one cup of water for about 2 hours or so, or until moist. Next, in a completely dry food processor or vitamix, grind your buckwheat groats (which should have been soaked for 10h, then dehydrated for an additional 10 at 110) and your cashews, and add the flour to your bowl. Next Pulse dates (w/soaking water), cinnamon and salt until fully mixed. Add raisins to flour bowl continuously as you add in date mixture.  Add in water until dough has reached moist consistency similar to bread dough.
To dehydrate, pan your mixture using an ice-cream scoop, 2 scoops per bagel. Since I have the new big dehydrator sheets, I panned out rows of three (9 per tray). Mold scoops to be one giant ball, and flatten. Smooth edges to make rounded, and make a hole in the middle.
Dehydrate at 130 for 1 hour, then 110 for 4 additional. Then flip your bagels and dehydrate for another 2 at 110, or until desired moisture. (The easiest way to flip these so you don’t break them is grab another tray with netting and place on top of the current bagel tray. Sandwich the bagels lightly in between the trays and flip. Then, peel back the dehydrator sheet. Dehydrate bagels for the second time on netting only.)

Top with your own cashew cream, or coconut butter w/fruit and enjoy! They’re filling and it’s always a tough choice for me in the morning between one of these and my raw buckwheat granola….

Smoothie: Blueberry Mega Mango

Yes yes. Long time no recipe! But I’m back on making new raw foods and smoothies so prepare for this to be the start of many!

2 cups blueberries
2 bananas
1 cup mango
1/2 cup ice
1/2 scoop vega
1 tbsp agave (to taste, if needed. Depends on the ripeness of the other fruit)
water to blend


Recipe: Easy Peanut Butter & Jam Cookies

There was a moment there when I was going to put “vegan” in the title…. but I think that just goes without saying.
Basically, I don’t bake all that often – not an oven fan. But today, I felt like baking, and although now I’m so full with peanut butter that I want to pass out, these seemed like a great idea at the time. Too bad they taste so delicious…..

1 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1 1/4 cup smooth peanut butter
3/4 cup organic sugar
1/2 cup original almond milk
1/3 tsp vanilla
dash of cinnamon

Raspberry Jam for the topping. (a lady down the street home-makes it and gives it to us…. oh man. Best jam ever)

Mix batter ingredients and bake for 15-20 min @ 375f (depending on the size). Top with Jam and enjoy! I pressed grooves into the batter before I baked them to fill with the jam. 🙂

Raw Recipe: Almond Banana Kreme Dip

As you can see, I still have tons of frozen banana left, AND it’s now day 2 of my 60 day raw push. I usually make this recipe for breakfast with un-frozen banana, but I thought it would be interesting to try it as a chilled alternative. Turns out the frozen banana creates a mousse texture! The awesome things you learn from experimenting.

1 cup frozen banana
1 tbsp homemade almond butter (ground almonds + agave to blend. Or you could always use store bought)
1 apple for dipping

Blend the frozen banana.  It’s a little hard to blend this, so you’re going to need to stop everyone once in a while to mix it with a spoon. Once it’s almost a creamy texture, add in the almond butter. Keep mixing. If you’re having a little trouble, feeling free to add in a touch of almond milk. Once all the large chunks have blended, you’re done! Scoop out into a bowl and enjoy with a lovely sliced Apple. I usually go for Fuji.

Alas, it looks like the last days of summer are upon us. Even though it’s sunny here, the dark clouds loom in the distance. *sigh* Well, I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Recipe: Banana Kreme Quinoa

Since I still have a bunch of frozen banana left, I thought about trying out something different with my Banana Base Ice-Kreme recipe. I love quinoa, and honestly think I just don’t have it enough!

1/2 cup uncooked quinoa
1/3 cup All Bran
1 cup frz banana
1/2 cup Almond Milk
Cinnamon to Top

Cook quinoa (1 cup water w/ 1/2 c quinoa). Add into bowl, and mix in all bran. Make my Banana Base Ice-Kream with the remaining ingredients. Mix in “kream” with quinoa mixture. Top with cinnamon and enjoy!

This seems like a breakfast item… although honestly I had it for lunch.

Recipe: Banana Base Ice-Kream

There was a damaged case of 22lb of frozen sliced bananas at work… so guess who got it for 10 bucks? That’s right. 10 kgs of frozen banana. You could only imagine my excitement. I’ve been eating this ice-cream for a week now…and honestly I don’t see myself getting tired of it any time soon.

Ice-Kream Base:
1.5 cups frozen sliced bananas
1/8th cup unsweetened/ raw almond milk (this is where almost raw comes in)

In the picture I added a peach, which was incredibly delicious. Other types include Chocolate Mint (cocoa nibs, mint leaves), peanut butter, or tropical (pineapple, mango)! Feel free to experiment.
It’s exactly the same consistency of traditional ice-cream, but a thousand times better in every aspect.

Recipe: The Glory Combo Smoothie

I think I have finally reached my all-time favorite fruit smoothie combination. It’s sweet, refreshing, creamy – Although… a handful of spinach in there would have made a nice green touch. For another day I suppose.

2 cups Mango
2 small bananas (Or one large one. These were just two small to not have paired)
1/2 fuji apple
3/4 cup Almond Milk (original)
Water to blend

My mother ensured me that this, too, was her favorite yet… as she downed pretty much half the recipe. So, Recipe Serves Two… I suppose. So enjoy! – either yourself, or if you’re forced to share 😉

Recipe: Pineapple Sunshine Smoothie

This one is just a little play on my previous smoothie, but I find myself really loving the smoothie on a Sunday morning thing I have going on.

1 frozen banana
1.5 cup frozen pineapple
1 cup frozen mango
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 tbsp almond agave
1 cup ice
A LOT OF WATER (because of all the frozen fruit, this smoothie is intensely thick. Add water to save your blender).

Enjoy in the Summer sun!